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How to download

How do download step by step

Step 1:  Navigate to the hack you wish to download.

Step 2:  Press the download button on the page and a content locker will appear.

Step 3:  On the content locker, you must choose an offer and complete it.

Step 4:  Once the offer has been fully completed, your download will automatically begin.

Here are some helpful tips:

1.  Make a new e-mail account. Gmail or Yahoo works just fine. By the way, i recommend getting Google Chrome or Mozilla firefox as a browser.

2. Before doing a survey, i suggest clearing your cookies.

For google chrome, click the wrench at the top right of the browser and click history. Then, click the “Edit Items…” button on the new redirected page that it sent to you and click clear cookies. Click on clear all browsing data. (Make sure you select the “Since the beginning of time” option.) Also, make sure you that all of the boxes have checks on them!

For Firefox, go to tools on the top of the browser, then click clear private data, and check the box besides “cookies”. ALSO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL BOXES CHECKED ON FIREFOX ASWELL!
You will have to log in again once you clear your cookies.

Or you could use CCleaner a program to clear your cookies. It is much more effective.

3. If you have an adblocker running, make sure to disable it before clicking on a survey.

4. Now you can click on a survey, and use your new email you have made, to sign up.

5. Follow the procedures of the survey, and you well have you file automatically downloaded.

6. If you dont see any survey use proxy. I recommend USA, GB, Germany, France






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