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Criminal Case Hack

About Criminal Case Hack

I am happy to present you Criminal Case Hack.
This application is able to generate unlimited amount of money and coins in game.
With this application you can unlock all items and free snacks.
Criminal Case Hack contain special fuction to stop time.
You can use special VPN connection.
With this application you will be on the top without spending money for upgrades in game 🙂

Criminal Case Hack

More Details about Criminal Case Hack Functions

– Full Energy – unlimited amount of energy all the time
– Unlock all Items – You can get all items for free
– Free Snacks – unlimited amount of Snacks for free all the time
– Time Stop – Pause time when you try to find items
– Use VPN – I reccomend use this function it improve your privacy.
– Unlimited amount of money
– Unlimited coins
– Check Updates – Automatically check for new version of Criminal Case Hack

How to Use It

1. Get your facebook ID
2. Type your facebook id in to Criminal Case Hack
3. Type amount of money and coins
4. Choose functions you want to use
5. Click start Button
6. After process reload your Criminal Case and enjoy your new items, money, etc


Criminal Case Hack

Size: 258.9 KB
MD5 hash: f34bbd43b7fc825240bfcdbd72765038
Total downloads: 203
Rate: 5/5

TotalVirus scan report:

If you have any trouble please write in the comment bellow. Please Share this with all your friend on facebook. Tweet about Criminal Case Hack. Enjoy This Hack and check out other from my blog 🙂


  1. Unbelievable! Great tool from a great mind! Thank you for sharing this! Works for me! ^_^

  2. cool man nice keep up the good work cool man nice keep up

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